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True happiness is achieved when you have balance in your life. We encourage everyone to answer life’s three most important questions in life: What do you want to experience? How do you want to grow? What do you want to contribute?
If your current career doesn’t allow for those dreams to come true maybe it’s time to consider a career in real estate! Sign up for real estate school today.


Real Estate is a very rewarding career! The service you provide is all about improving the lives’ of your clients. Nothing is more rewarding than handing a set of keys over to someone who didn’t realize they could live their dream of home-ownership.


When it comes to money, the bi-product of great service, you create your own concept of success! You earn as much as you’d like. You can sell just a handful of homes to pay for an extra vacation or earn enough to have a huge impact on your lifestyle! Remember though, it’s all about helping others. Quit waiting for a raise and come change some lives!


There are not many careers in which you have complete control. You hustle as hard as you please and spend the rest of your time doing what is most important to you! What kind of extra things would you do in life if you determined your work schedule?

9/10 Brokers FAIL in their first two years after Real Estate School!

9/10 agents fail in their first few years out of real estate school. The state law requires you to take this pre-licensing course. You are fully prepared to understand the laws and ethics of real estate after this course. However, You are not prepared to successfully build and sustain a healthy business. BaseCamp does that and MORE! Don’t be part of the 90% of failing agents and join BrokerLife’s BaseCamp.

You will be bridging the gap from pre-licensing class and becoming a successful agent by getting a 4 week crash course on what it really takes to win over new clients and make your way through actual transactions!

Our focus as a real estate school is not just to get you your license and let you figure out the rest for yourself. We will prepare you to live the lifestyle you want to live!


  • I've known people who have taken their real estate class and never passed the test. BrokerLife's instructors did an AMAZING job at preparing me to pass the test on my FIRST attempt. I found being in the 3 Week Express course kept me engaged!

    Misty Renee
    Misty Renee Prime Real Estate Broker
  • I've never experienced as much care as compassion as Broker Life's instructor had during our class! Babe worked with me after completing the class and did everything he could to assure I PASSED the state exam! Thanks BABE WOODWARD!

    Caylie Pruitt
    Caylie Pruitt Banga Realty
  • If you're anything like me a NEW career in real estate is EXCITING! There isn't a better school, environment, or culture than what BrokerLife provides!

    Laura Weldon
    Laura Weldon Prime Real Estate